Hi, I'm Sofie

I’m the founder of Let Me Write That Down for You. When I was 12, I told my parents I’d do “something with writing” when I’d grow up, and write, I did. 

I have…

… landed my first job at the Belgian national press agency straight out of university.

… 3 years of experience as a copywriter and marketing coordinator for international publishing house Indicator, where I was responsible for making sure thousands of direct mail copies were sent out every week.

… 10 years of experience creating and optimizing content directly on WordPress websites.

… grown a blog in the competitive travel niche to 200,000+ monthly unique visitors.

… drank lots of tea while doing all of the above.

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creative copywriter

I manage a team of straight-forward perfectionists who’ll always put the best interest of your business first. We go above and beyond to help you reach your goals but will also challenge your ideas when we think they might hurt the outcome.

Are we a good fit?

We’re no-frills kind of people. We value direct but always respectful communication and choose efficiency and efficacy over working with the latest tool just because.

We’re hyper-organized and get a kick out of beating deadlines, but also know that life happens and requires some flexibility now and then.

Our goal? To be your content growth partner, for as long as you need us.