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SEO Content Services

Content Strategy Services

It’s easy to do keyword research. It’s not so easy to do keyword research taking into account the exact stage your website is at, who your target customers are, and what exactly they’re looking to find when entering a query in Google.

I make sure your articles target keywords they can actually rank for, whether your site has been around for five months or five years – and that they rank for keywords that make your audience want to click, read, and take action.

What you can expect:

  • An effective, up-to-date content strategy through ongoing keyword and competitor research.
  • Clear content briefings with optimization guidelines so your writers can get straight to work.
Examples of achieved results:
  • Organic traffic increase for email SaaS:
gmail saas content strategy results
Organic traffic data from Ahrefs
  • 231% increase in users
  • 183% increase in sessions
  • 106% increase in pageviews
  • Keyword rankings and organic traffic creation for a new SaaS-related directory site. Start project > April 2023:
content strategy service
Organic traffic data from Ahrefs
content strategy consulting results
Keywords ranking data from Ahrefs
  • Keyword rankings and organic traffic improvement for an admin SaaS. Start project > April 2023:
content strategy services result
Organic traffic data from Ahrefs
seo content services result
Keywords ranking data from Ahrefs

Content Optimization Services

Not happy with how your content is performing? Perhaps you have a wealth of content that’s never been fully optimized, or you’re struggling to keep up with the pace at which Google releases algorithm updates.

I’ll analyze your existing content, get rid of dead weight, and work my magic on those articles that have a chance of ranking well.

What you can expect: 

  • Increased, qualified, organic website traffic. 
  • Easier ranking of future articles as your blog will be in better shape.
Examples of achieved results:
  • Overall year-over-year traffic improvement for a SaaS in the social media industry:
content optimization services
Custom-made Looker Studio report using Google Analytics data
  • Keyword rankings and organic traffic creation for an e-learning website. The project started right after a site migration and is still going:
content optimization service result
Organic traffic data from Ahrefs
result content optimization
Keywords ranking data from Ahrefs

SEO Content Writing Services

I don’t just write blog posts. Sure, I have 10+ years of experience creating online content, but I can also tell my top from my bottom of the funnel and optimize each article not just individually, but within the larger context of your site. 

My expertise in content SEO ensures that I don’t follow briefings blindly but work with your marketing team so that each post fulfills its role in helping you achieve your business goals.

What you can expect:

  • Fully-optimized, engaging articles tailored to your brand and target audience.
  • Hassle-free content creation. My work requires little to no editing and gets done before the deadline.
Examples of achieved results:
  • A large number of articles ranking in the top spot, and even more on page 1 of Google.
freelance seo writing
  • Outranked much larger sites by creating better content.
seo content writing services
Screenshot from a Linkedin post by Viola Eva, founder of Flow SEO.
  • Snatched that featured snippet for multiple articles.
seo writing services
seo blog writing services